“Electric Saint” a hit at German National Theatre

“Excellent… Imaginative… impressive… playful… Unique… Electric Saint strikes like lightning and electrifies the audience.”

Deutsche Buhne, ( German Theatre.) The oldest and among the most respected theatre journals in Germany. 

“Fabulous Electric Buzz” James Naughtie, BBC Today Show. 

“Fantastic… special… dynamic… precise… exciting… Jonathan Moore succeeds in this production”

(Online Merker, The International Culture Platform)

“Ecstatic… blissful…. Masterfully handled… penetrating… constant excitation…” 

Neue Musikzeitung

“Jonathan Moore creates short, significant and strong scenes, ideal for every composer. And he stages it minimally, with no unnecessary stage set. 


This wonderfully leaves space for music, singers, imagination. His excellent libretto is witty, tragic and poetic, following Shakespeare’s model.  I find this absolutely necessary for the operatic stage.” 

Detlev Glanert, celebrated German composer.


Deutsche Buhne. ( German Theatre)The oldest and among the most respected theatre journals in Germany: 

Jonathan Moore, who wrote the libretto and also directed the production, transforms the historical events into a parable, but at the same time makes the material intensely topical and contemporary.

Moore’s use of the space was excellent, the minimalist scenery really focuses the audience’s attention, while allowing them space for their own imaginative  associations.

Most impressive are the laboratory scenes, in which technical equipment such as Tesla generators and spirals are set up and projections of circuits are shown. This is playful and heightened.

Electric Saint strikes like lightning and electrifies the audience. 

Excellent… Imaginative… impressive… playful… Unique. 

BBC Today. The flagship BBC Radio News Programme: 

“Picks up the pulse of it’s subject: Science and the scientific mind”

“Fabulous electric buzz” 

“In this time of Covid and the run up to the environmental conference and Cop 26, …with the idea of Science and Society everywhere, this story of Tesla and Edison might be more contemporary and more lasting than we think”. 

Online Merker, The International Culture Platform:

This opera is so special…Fantastic. The director Jonathan Moore succeeds in this production that corresponds perfectly to this dynamic and multifaceted music. Due to the precise connection with exciting stage effects, the audience is drawn directly into the action. Jonathan Moore tells the story so clearly that the viewer has no need of a synopsis. He lets the opera-goers immerse themselves in this world of sound and stage. By asking about the nature of genius and the symbiosis between faith and science, it opens up completely new perspectives.The tension is sustained to the very last note. What more do you want!"

Neue Musikzeitung:

It sounds ecstatic and blissful like the“ Resurrexit ”on Easter night. …so very strong, penetrating…concentrated, constant excitation…masterfully handled… "


Check out a video of the opera here.