The Witches Seed


The rock opera, "The Witches Seed," composed by renowned international artist Stewart Copeland, unfolds a gripping tale inspired by the horrors of the Inquisition.

At its heart lies the intricate narrative crafted by British/Irish playwright Jonathan Moore, known for his collaborations with esteemed composers and institutions.

Moore not only crafts the libretto but also takes on the directorial mantle for the 2024 revival, alongside choreographer Valentina Versino.

The story follows three women - Isabetta, Nele, and Manzinetta - wrongly accused of witchcraft in a time of turmoil marked by plague and religious persecution. Through Moore's lens, the narrative delves into the perspectives of key characters like Inquisitor Buelli and Bishop Bascapé, blurring the lines between reality and hallucination. As the women navigate trials and tribulations, their fate hangs in the balance against a backdrop of medieval power struggles.

The musical landscape is enriched by the orchestral prowess of Copeland and the disruptive melodies of Chrissie Hynde, complemented by Grandi's emotive vocals. Troy Miller conducts the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, infusing the performance with transcendent artistry honed across diverse genres and collaborations with music icons.

The immersive experience is heightened by visually stunning scenography by Edvige Faini, known for her work in Hollywood blockbusters and video game landscapes. Lia Fabbrini's stage sets and Sartoria Klemann's costumes further enrich the spectacle, while Emiliano Pascucci's lighting sets the mood for the enthralling saga.

In this operatic masterpiece, Moore's narrative vision intertwines with Copeland's musical genius, Grandi's evocative voice, and a team of talented artists, crafting an unforgettable journey through history, fantasy, and human resilience.