Ashes and Snow / Savage Winter

"A visceral experience … Clever…"

"In many respects, the work offers something for all lovers of music, and the remaining performances are deserving of their capacity audiences."

"The audience was with him throughout then burst into hearty applause, cheers and whistles."

Pittsburgh in the Round

"Director Jonathan Moore makes his Pittsburgh Opera debut with this production. It isn’t a comfortable experience — it’s not supposed to be… lit ingeniously throughout rage and reminiscence … the grittier stage effects …entirely convincing"

"An abundance of genuinely poignant moments and brilliantly creative artistic elements."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Opera Inspired By Winterreise Makes Powerful Theater"

"The bold staging by Jonathan Moore animated the story with visceral impact…The audience burst into applause and cheering at the end… "

Classical Voice North America

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