Three Plays

Written by Jonathan Moore
Introduced by Gregory Hersov

Aurora Metro Press
ISBN 0-9536757-2-6
200 pages pbk

"A singular voice for his generation: furious, nihilistic, poetic..."

Time Out


Edinburgh Fringe First

Liam is part of a violent street gang but wants to escape. Trapped between two worlds, he has to choose between the dark allure of violence and the healing power of love.

"Treatment is one of the most disturbing and exhilarating plays in London."

The Independent

This Other Eden

The Guardian Critics' Choice

A story of passion. A wife and a mother. Her son and daughter. Her husband. The London Irish. Limboland. The hunger for a sense of a real culture. The desire for freedom... A tough play about a woman’s soul, told with beauty, humour and hope.

"... the play burns with passion and indignation."

The Daily Telegraph

Fall From Light

A young composer writes a new opera. The Director rejects it. but his lover, a young Diva, takes him to the council estate, where she and the compose grew up. There they meet Girly and his gang... A tale of art, savagery and redemption.


"Treatment is one of the most vibrant and astonishingly truthful pieces of theatre to have emerged in recent years. Moore writes and performs with passion and intensity and possesses an extraordinary mature talent."

Drama Magazine

"Watching this play, I had some idea what a sense of discovery spectators must have had that May night in 1956 when 'Look Back in Anger' exploded onto stage."

Boston Phoenix

"Deals with the raw violence of street-fighters with a starkness and purity seldom encountered in the theatre. A daring and poetic use of language."

Time Out Magazine

"This explosive drama which rocks... with its violence and energy..."

The Independent

"Moore's artistry lies in the delicate weave of realism and ritual... At home with both the male and female sensibility, Moore weaves magic."

Toronto Globe and Mail

"For the first time on TV - fact or fiction - here is a drama which enables us to take a glimpse inside the mind and morality of football fans... remarkable, sharp and frightening."

The Daily Express

"The most exciting piece of theatre now in town."

Toronto Now Magazine

"Moore's Miracle Treatment!"

London Evening Standard

"Theatre at its best!"

Financial Times

"One of the most disturbing and exhilarating plays in London."

Mark Lawson, The Independent

"A singular voice for his generation."

Time Out