Ludovico Einaudi

Internationally acclaimed Composer and Best Selling Recording Artist

Jonathan is an artist of exceptional quality. He has played leading roles on stage, screen and radio at the highest levels for many years, each role demonstrating his unique and outstanding brilliance.

Mr Moore is one of the most outstanding talents I have worked with.

His writing for stage screen and opera is justly celebrated in England and Europe. He is a writer of remarkable gifts and power.

His work as a director is stunningly memorable. We have performed a music theatre piece together in Milan (my composition of "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe) and his contributions as leading actor was superb. He has directed World Premieres by some of the most prominent opera composers in the world, again at the highest international level.

His many remarkable talents are indeed special and rare to find in one person.

Jonathan is a joyous asset to any place in which he works. He is diligent, good humoured and hard working. He is always looking to broaden his horizons. To face new challenges.

The cultural world is a lot richer for his presence.