Moore Triumphs in West End

"Truly a rare piece of theatre. Intense, challenging and moving, everyone should see this play... Jack is played passionately by Jonathan Moore... he does so brilliantly and is mesmerising for every second of the eighty minute play..."

Samantha Beattie, Canvas

"A theatrical firecracker. Jonathan Moore is astonishing."

Paul Taylor, The Independent

"Jonathan Moore's virtuoso performance has you gripped. Moore's excellent performance."

Daily Express

"Brilliantly acted by Jonathan Moore."

What's On In London

"I was both shaken & stirred by Jonathan Moore's brilliant performance... fantastic performance... superb acting."

London Lite

"It's a considerable size of auditorium for just one performer but Jonathan Moore steps up and has us gripped... magnificence... hilarious"

London Evening Standard

"Moore's powerful performance."


"An impressive, captivating performance by Jonathan Moore!!"

Three Weeks

"Jonathan Moore narrates with panache... compelling."

Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

"Jonathan Moore's performance is remarkable... ferocious, arresting theatre."

Skinny Magazine

"Mr Moore's performance makes for a work of rare skill... ingenious."

Daily Mail

"A fine performance from Jonathan Moore. He expertly keeps the audience in his hand."


"Moore has a real control of both the language and the verse of the piece."


"Superbly performed."