Bleak House

"It has the kind of cast that makes accountants weep and directors smile, including Diana Rigg, Denholm Elliot and Jonathan Moore as Mister Guppy."

The Times

"Brilliant performance by Jonathan Moore as Mr Guppy."

BBC Kaleidoscope

"A touching and prime example of this richness of character and atmosphere was the proposal scene, so sensitively played by Jonathan Moore."

The Telegraph

"The acting is the finest that Britain can produce. Everyone in the cast, from Diana Rigg downwards, is perfect. 11 would be unfair to single out anyone, though I particularly love Jonathan Moore as the lovelorn lawyer's clerk, Guppy."

Sunday People

"Jonathan Moore plays Guppy as a sharpster with moments of embarrassed integrity and he's creepy and touching at the same time."

American Vogue

"The drama works magically. The mood, decidedly dark, has insightful moments as the hustling young lawyer Guppy (Jonathan Moore) chases his fantasy."

Variety (US)

"The excellent Jonathan Moore."

Daily Mail