Holding Fire

By Jack Shepherd
Shakespeare's Globe

Critics Choice
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London Evening Standard

"Good work from Jonathan Moore as O'Connor."

Michael Billington, The Guardian

"Stirring speeches from... Jonathan Moore as the flawed but dynamic O'Connor, winning applause from the Globe crowd with words that could still have us manning the barricades."

The Stage

"Of the leading Chartists, only Feargus O'Connor (Jonathan Moore) ever seems to get the bit between his teeth."

New Statesman

"It is Jonathan Moore as the fiery Feargus O'Connor who steals the show."

Morning Star

"Feargus O'Connor, the Irish lawyer (Jonathan Moore) whose speeches are far more inflammatory, allowing us to sense the sway of insurrection."

Financial Times

"(The audience) spontaneously applauded... the militant revolutionary Feargus O'Connor (Jonathan Moore)."

Jewish Chronicle

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