Mottke The Thief

Based on the 1921 Yiddish novel by Schalom Asche
Text and Direction by Jonathan Moore
Music by Bernd Franke
World Premiere, Bonn Opera House

"Librettist and Director Moore has created a wonderful character somewhere between Macbeth and Macheath. Moore's brilliant production bravely examines the violence and anti social world of the gangster. This is rich, full-bloodied music theatre."

Die Welt

"Moore powerfully transforms the novel into a fast-moving dramaturgy for the stage. He re-discovers and breathes new life into the circus-fairground theatre tradition. Clowns, prize fighters and whores fight for the stage in this powerful production."

Suddeutsche Zeitung

"An orgy of violence and sexuality was celebrated at the premiere of this new opera. In Jonathan Moore's text a rapid succession of 47 short brutatility-filled scenes barely gives the audience a chance to catch their breath. Moore also directed the piece superbly."

German Press Agency

"This is a show which is bursting with energy and substance. Moore tells us the story using the cinematic technique of hard cuts to create a wonderfull piece full of brutality, eroticism and the desperation of social injustice."

General Anzeiger, Bonn