Tell Tale Heart

By Stewart Copeland
World Premiere
Royal Opera commission for Linbury Space, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

"The Copeland turns out to be BRILLIANTLY STAGED BY JONATHAN MOORE as a feverish hybrid of silent movie and Victorian melodrama... I had an excellent time."

Tom Sutcliffe. The Week In Culture, The Independent

"Jonathan Moore's exuberantly frantic production... has not a dull, nor indeed a sane, moment."

The Times

"Zealously engaging... A refreshing delight... Director Jonathan Moore... Plays along stunningly."

 London Evening Standard

"Jonathan Moore's convulsive "silent movie" staging (all attitude and louring shadows)."

 The Independent

"Superbly staged."

The Guardian

"Well directed and designed, deftly played"


"Weirdly wonderful... frighteningly cool."

Jenni Barnett, BBC London Presenter

"Very interesting, enjoyable and different."

Richard Brooks, Sunday Times Arts Editor

"It was a clever idea of director Jonathan Moore to set it in a Victorian Music Hall. The unusual tone is pitched at the point where horror and comedy rub shoulders."

 Financial Times

"Black to its core and brilliantly choreographed (by Director Jonathan Moore). Uncomfortable, pushing the boundaries of taste and shot through with inventive wit this is funny and melodramatic in a much more sinister way... Shiveringly dark, comic stuff... Offensive? Yes, sometimes. Challenging? Certainly. And not an experience you will forget in a hurry."

All In

"Its terrific. The music, the staging, the conception everything works well together to give a riveting and intense experience."

Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews

"Brilliant choreography by Director Jonathan Moore."

Monica Mason. Director, Royal Ballet

"Directed by Jonathan Moore, the Victorian Melodrama treatment given to this simple yet effective story becomes ever more intense and reaches breaking point: you can't be passive as a member of the audience."